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Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I love doing weddings, I love how different each bride & groom are. Some are tremendously excited while others have a mix of emotions. Jazz was the sort of bride who couldn't contain her excitement which of course makes the whole thing so much more fun! Being involved with the bride and their big day is just the best feeling but even more so when its your best friends sister. I had to stay professional and do my job but the emotions were really really high!

Jazz and Dan wedding flowers

Jazz, Dan & her Mom Gail came for a consultation with very different ideas. Jazz was pretty sure on what she wanted for the big day. Gail had a very different view point and disagreed with almost everything! "Too much green stuff (a.k.a foliage) and curry smelling berries" for her liking. Once we established Hypericum smelled of curry (customers always right?) needles to say that was quickly eliminated from this wedding day.

Jazz and Dan bridal flowers

The date quickly came round, the 6th of July 2018, and it was an extremely hot day. I usually deliver 1 hour - 2 hours before, meaning I usually arrive as hair and makeup are being finished off. With the hot weather I delayed delivery so the bouquets could be left in water and stay fresher, therefore actually arriving when all the ladies were dressed.

It was emotional, leaving the photographer a little baffled as bridesmaids don't tend to get "that emotional" at the sight of the florist. The women all looked stunning, with Sadie crying (which is a rare sight as I'm very well known as the emotional one!)

After a warming welcome and wandering around the maze of a hotel to get the next set of bouquets, bumping into a nervous but excited groom, and back up to the women who where calm and ready to rock, we even had time for the girls to practice holding their bouquets.

Jazz and Dan Bridesmaids bouquet

Jazz carried a bouquet of lovely mixed whites

creams and greens with a hint of soft pale blue hydrangea. Full of texture Jazz's bouquet included Ammi, Naomi Rose, Veronica, Brunia, Eustoma, Poppy heads, Peony, Hydrangea and variety's of Eucalyptus, with the Bridesmaids carrying a smaller version tied off with trailing ivory ribbon.

The day was perfect (bar Dan forgetting the confetti at the church) but that was all overlooked because when your groom looks at you like that on your wedding day how can you hold a grudge! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hilton, you couldn't have looked any more in love.

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